Friday, July 29, 2005
I was too lazy to updating this page for long long while. . . awww! I can't recall what I have done in this two absent months. . . hope people who saw this page by chance would refer to other pages of this site. I'm doing quite well in my hometown now, totally enjoying my life here, oppositely as I thought I would miss the time in Seoul where I was living until last month. Yeah, definitely, I was having really fun, benefitial, and cheerful time in Seoul, as experiencing distinctive culture and meeting new interesting people there. Despite I was a bit having difficult times such as language communication problem, or homesick, or like other inner feelings, I feel I finally got invaluable moments within the stay. Well, my Korean was finally got anything of improvement, I could say, and had some amount of precious, serendipitous association there. The things we learn from others is always invaluable, I believe. All thing come out as irreplaceable, subsequently, it's really funny and kinda ironic. Well this time I'm caught by those kinda feelings again. Well, there's a well known word of William Shakespeare, "All's Well That Ends Well", it's the expression that pretty much shows my mind! Oh, well, as I mentioned in last message, I'm gonna put some memories I got in Seoul, little by little, to keep my word....yeah. I should!

Friday, 27 May, 2005
Oh! Just awared that my staying here is now only 1 month to go.!! Just until recently, I'd been always thinking about going home, missing home and being sensitive to some stress that generated from cultural differences and whatever, but now I simply feel that I have to enjoy each day and wanna suck in any benefitial knowledge or information as much as possible here. Abviously, staying here at first was exactly started from kind of depressive state. I might had some doubt in my mind and fear which probably came from lacking confience in myself. I was always nervous and vulnerable, and realized how things make me feared whatever that is never seen or experienced. Also my families, who are always being with me, and caring me, and cheering me, that I realized their affection and love. You know it's the first time for me to have been a part with my deary sweetie puppies as well, and I realized how much I had been keeping a unchaneable relation with, and that is deeply ingrained in me. It might sound funny though but I must say I honestly love them! If only I could hug them just right now. . . my familiar faces always clearly come up to my eyes.

Mm, there are many views I have in my mind as I seen many aspects of Korean cultures, in short, what I really feel is that Korean and Japanese are very different in many ways as we are thought to be similar.

Sunday, May 15, 2005
Time flies. . .it's the thing I always say. . . can't believe it's already been one and half months since I came to Seoul now. I had really eventful and exciting days here, and that makes me unaware of time flow. I've written on Weblog or Diary in Japanese, though, some of you might not quite see how I'd been doing or feeling so far, so I just thought up to update here as well.
Let me look back on these days. Well, the school lesson started on 4th April, which made me a bit nervous as for it's been quite a while since I went to school. . . yet I studied at school when I went to Australia about three years ago, but this time I was somehow unsecured of many things but it soon turn out to be meaningless that meeting new people was really exciting and stimulating! Students are from various countries all over the world, and interestingly even Japanese people are from different regions that I've never been or met before. And I didn't know there are so many oversea Korean people who are willing to study Korean in their origin, including people who are from Japan.
Mm, as for lesson at school, those are really beneficial and practical to me yet I'm still having much difficulties in communication in Korean. Since school started, I met so many people and went out many places with them and had much fun all the time! I find a lot of difference between Korean and our culture to greater or lesser, and that makes me realize the distinctiveness of our culture, history, lifestyle and ethnicity, or whatever, that I never knew. Even just living in such thought-to-be close country, honestly there are so many different things all around and things to learn. . . that is the most surprising fact I realized here. Well, will talk to you soon later about what I found interesting here in many aspects! Cheers!

Friday, April 01, 2005
Been absent for a while. Now I'm in Seoul, Korea to study Korean at Yonsei Uni for three months. It's comfortable staying here as climate is nice, places are exciting. Luckily I could find a good place to stay, which calls hasook, Korean boarding house near the Uni, so far so good.. . . . ???
Honestly, I'm feeling a bit homesick and miss my close people in Japan now. Maybe because I'm having much stress in communication this time here more than I expected, which I never felt in overseas these days. I realized that I needed far more preparation for start living here. Yet it's no use crying over the past, I just have to do my best for now. Though, it's always really exciting experience to go through something new and challenging times isn't it? Oh well, still feeling such worries, I'm enjoying my stay here apart from those issues. Even in the middle of time when life don't treat me too good, I'm gonna try to enjoy it and somehow get it through! Now I'm listening to Destiny's Child's "Survivor" which I always put on whenever I'm gloomy! Isn't it suitable songs contained to stir ourselves?
Anybody who's in Seoul, please let me know and let's meet up! I wanna find more exciting things here while my stay here.

Sunday, February 27, 2005
Time flies. . .still it's quite snowy and chilly days on here in Sapporo. I had a bit busy but joyful days this month. One was meeting people who are usually apart in overseas. Since we had Snow Festival until last week, and had many events and parties during that time, which was really fun! Also, I went to skiing with my friend after a long long while! I was so scared until start going down the slope of mountain, yet once I started sliding down, it turned out to be quite an exciting and amusing moments to me! Viewing the scenery from top of mountain was also impressive. I realized that I had been forgotten such an exhilarating sport for a long time. Worring times is always be a waste.
Though it seems spring is around the corner surely. I felt the scent of spring vaguely when I went for walking with my dogs today. Such signs of coming season vividizes and gives me wishful minds. Have to prepare and organize everything for starting different stages of life from Spring.

Monday, January 24, 2005
Hi, how have you been guys? Sapporo, my hometown, is all covered with heavy snow around, no less, those amount of snow is said to be highest in these five years! No wonder we had such inconveniency in city traffics recently. I've seen the buss was in accident on the road at lunch time in city today. Guess what it is like. Feel like we are confined in huge snow maze! Even in such season, I realize the wise saying, "if we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant" deeply in my mind. It impressed me as my dearest friend wrote me in a message. That admonished me to override this cold and harsh season in life but never fails to give me a great expectation for coming warm and clement season! It really metaphors of mystery of nature and life isn't it? I like it!

Saturday, 01 January, 2005
Happy New Year! It's the day for starting new year 2005! Hope everyone is having bright and wonderful new year day. And the new year for you would bring more fulfilling moments and great achievements to your life. Additionally, with good health. There are so many hopes that I have in my mind as a new year's resolution, what about you? Let us start this beginning of new year with much hopes and happiness for the future. And for those who are suffering because of any reason at this moment, I really wish that you would get over your difficulties and adversities. I'm always praying for you, and that is not only me, but all people around the world, are caring of you and love you.
I really appreciate you all for your kind regards to Natsuyo's Cafe since its open last year. Hope to see you very often this year as well! Best wishes.

Tuesday, 21 December, 2004
Everybody, are you all doing well? I've sent greeting cards to my friends and it made me realize more of this happy season of year. Hope you all are having fabulous moments and ride through the tough and busy week of this very end of the year! Lately, I wonder about this year's fulfillment I could made, and try to evaluate how well I could make it through. Mm, let's see. Anyway, I hope you all are staying healthy, not catching cold, fever or whatever, and enjoy your happy moments there. No matter how busy you are, let us make it through the rest of this year. It's just a bit more to go! Well, let me add something else. Yet in the middle of this pleasant season, try not to drink too much at your year-end parties, keep fit and let's just have fun! Cheers!

Friday, December 10, 2004
It's been bloody cold here, and we had tons of fallen snow which made me sick this week. Such like I was busy adjusting myself for winter mode. Now it's hard to drive all way around as I used to because of these obstructive snowpack along the streets everywhere. Well, that's quite common situation here in Sapporo and I no longer intend to complaing about it. I'm just fed up with it and that's all!
Though, it seems that such situations will set the stage for wonderful white Christmas here. That's so romantic isn't it? People living in north regions must be expecting such lovely Christmas situation, which I do. That brings me home the passing year and makes me feel gratitude to all people and the luck I had that year. Then we wait and count down for the New Year. How do you spend these busy but fabulous time of year? Hope you are having memorable and delightful moments!

Friday, December 03, 2004
Oh oh oh! It's already been December! Gosh, time really flies! No wonder it's awfully cold outside and snowing more frequently than ever this season in Sapporo. I think I'd lost the sense of year since I went to Sydney. It's like my body is saying where exactly am I in a year around? Not only it seemed to be a bit hard for me to adjust myself into such freezing condition here from sweltering heat in Sydney just in a few days, but it was also hard for me to get myself back here mentally. A lot of things happened to me in past several weeks, and still I feel being overloaded and having indigestion of much information and matters which I need to be organized.

Mm, anyway, it will soon be a Christmas and a year passes! Got to make a plan for Christmas and New Year holidays! Mm, I'm actually thinking to go out on a trip by myself! Recently I feel I really need the time to be alone and contemplating about a lot of different things and topics, being apart from anything surrounding me. It maybe because of the reason as I mentioned above. Additionally I wanna enjoy immersing myself in different cultures to enjoy the different events in different place. What are you going to do during that time? No matter what feelings we have in our minds, let's just enjoy ourself for everything, and why not we be happy?

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Well, let me talk about my favourite music. Recently, I'm really into listening some particular artists' musics, and those are heavily rotated on my CD player. They are Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Shinhwa, Nicholas Tse, Spice Girls, Utada, Delta Goodrem. Click and check out the website, and you might find the actual music that are playing accordingly. All are regardless of countries, nor languages. Some would take my taste's a bit weird, but I, myself cannot explain my liking for something anyway. I'm always fascinated by something a bit unordinary, queer, funny things than something just ordinary. Well that's not only me, maybe. Well, I also like to check Japanese pop musics, and also sometimes feel like listen to classical music as well. Let me know your recommend then.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
It was a labor thanksgiving day so was a public holiday today. I was being relaxed whole day and did nothing special but went for strolling around Maruyama park with my dogs. The temperature here has been quite mild despite the season at this time of year, and I felt so good breathing late autumn air of tranquil Maruyama park. Though, I missed the lively summer air in Sydney where I had been until a few days before. Ah, miss there a lot!

Mm, which would you prefer, the freezing but white Christmas season or the heat hot but cheerful merry Christmas? For me, either sounds wonderful yet have been got used to the former, yeah, basically I have gotten used to winter Christmas, therefore I might would not be comfortable under the latter circumstance. Wherever you would be, I hope you are having a beautiful holly Christmas season! Alright everyone, let's keep it up little more, and enjoy the rest of year 2004 vigorously.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
How have you been these days? I returned to Sydney after 7 months to see people here and collect more information for my future career paths. So far I'm having exciting and fulfilling moments here.

On the first day in Sydney, my friend accompanied me to have Yum Cha in Chinatown. It's been a while since I 've been to last Yum Cha, so it felt me even more beautiful and nice, and was really happy moment to me! Afterwards, we walked around and enjoyed talking all the way walking along Oxford St. We saw "Yoshinoya" which is a Japanese fast bowl meal restaurant opened just recently there. We saw many gay people walking while putting their arms around each other all along the street, which was a great impact for me to see those liberal people there. Mm, apparently, I suppose that the liberal and multicultural air of Sydney is pleasing and it really suits me, and I'm always excited in staying here., Shortly after that, we strolled into Korean restaurant for having dinner there, and had Pulkogi and Bibinpap with Korean beer in a delightful atmosphere there. Well, while the rest of my stay this time, I'm gonna visit several places to see people here and collect the beneficial information for my future.

I'd be glad if some of you in Sydney would have chance to see me while my staying here.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004
It's been comparatively mild these days though we had this year's very first snow several days ago. I'm thankful for this weather because it seems the real coldness would be delayed owing to this! I don't want it to be colder and snow very soon that I still want to enjoy walking with my dogs under comfortable weather but not harsh and cold temperature.

On Sunday I went to hot spring in Noboribetsu, where is about 2- hour-drive from Sapporo, with my old friend. We drove there arbitrary and just depended on car navigation system, and finally it took more than 4 hours to get to the destination, which was a bit surprise later! Though I was really enjoying driving to Noboribetsu, as we were entertained by talking and seeing beautiful sceneries of nature all the while! After arriving in Noboribetsu, we walked around and saw "Jigokudani," which means "Hell Valley"! It was actually the first time to see this place, it really was impressive while it continuously releases some kinds of energy and power with its smokes. Apparently, it felt me like one of spiritual or sacred place somehow. Due to this geographical features, there are many gushed hot springs all around in Noboribetsu. Additionally, there are other famous place for sight seeing around here, such as "Bear Farm", "Marine Park" and "Date Old Days Town"(amusement park), and those are very popular place for tourists though I couldn't visit any of those due to our easygoing schedule.

Instead, we truly relaxed and enjoyed soaking ourselves in therapeutic mineral hot springs, as the facility had rare kinds of spa not only for open-air hot springs, but also had mist spa, bubble spa or so forth. And those were worth paying 2000 yen, which was a big surprise to me, that it was far more expensive than general price for visitor! At any rate, I'm a big Onsen (hot spring) lover, so the moment of lounging in the spring was genuinely pleasant and happy! It was extrmely a de-stressed and refreshing day for me!.

Friday, October 29, 2004
It always be nice to reunion with good friends after a long while. Especially this time, it really brought me the happy and memorable sensations simultaneously, which I'd been looking forward to for a long time. Really happy moments!

This day, we made an appointment to see each other at a cafe, and I was really nervous somehow just before we see again! Though actually, my feeling was just turned into joy as soon as I found them in my sight. Wow, I just couldn't believe the situation that was happening to me, but I was so happy that they weren't changed any and had real nice smile as they used to.

We went to an Asian restaurant and had Asian cuisine with free drinks! I was really excited with joy, and the toast after a while was rather grinning moment to me! Reiko, on the right of me, is my ex-work mate as Miss Sapporo, and we are good friends since then. Chris, on the left, is a product designer, and has his own company in Sweden but is from Britain. He is kind and humorous person, such as he created a laugh by mimicking David Beckham's voice! I loved it! We met at International snow festival at Sapporo snow festival this year, and since then we are all in good relation! As you see from the picture, they are very sweet and such happy! I was also happy to being with them, not only I could just enjoy delightful moments with them all the time but also they were obviously emitting really happy aura, which felt me making myself happy as well! What a graceful couple! Looking forward to seeing them soon again already.

I felt meeting happy people is beneficial for us, for those people usually share and bring us their happiness! Mm, envious! What the most interesting to me was, they made me realize the marvelous knot of destiny. Do you believe in it? Definitely I do.

Tuesday, 26 October, 2004
It's been freezy outside after several typhoon passed away. The forecast says it'll snow tonight! God! Yeah, no wonder, it'll soon be winter here. Colourful leaves has been burning off. Hm, it makes me moody anyway.

Need more blanket tonight, and have to put the heater on. It always fascinates me to stay in the bed as long as possible, for not wanting leave from that warm and peaceful space, and that procrastinates me to get out to freezy and bitter outside, every morning! To stay or not to stay? That is the question! I've been struggling this dilemma in the morning in my bed, since it's been cold.

Monday, 25 October, 2004
.Been absent for long... I was having a busy weekend. On Friday I flew to Tokyo with my sis for some kinds of business there. The great thing to me that day was I could meet my past work mate as I was on duty of Miss Sapporo last year. She was renominated as goodwill ambassador of Yokohama this year. What I appreciate about her is, she has really nice personality, humor, brilliancy and inspiration! We had local beer of Yokohama with beautiful dishes at really nice restaurant, enjoyed gorgeous night view of Yokohama harbour, and had a lots of lots pleasant conversation all the while. She is respectful and exhilarating person to me, and I really look forward to seeing her again!

My sis and I went out for sight seeing around Yokohama the other day, and had great time there as we visited Chinatown, saw harbour view around Minato Mirai, and the Landmark Tower. It was quite fun to hung around those places on foot, and enjoyed seeing around as well.

By the way, there were catastrophic earthquake in Niigata, Japan on Saturday. I was in Tokyo at that moment and actually felt shaking time to time, which made me anxious about those who live in that area. I can't believe the number and the damage we are suffering by countless natural disaster this year. Really concerning about people evacuating all around in Niigata now, and what I can do now is to pray for all people's recovery as soon as possible.

Sunday, 17 October, 2004
It's already been a late autumn in my hometown. I went to Maruyama park in my neighbour for walking with my dogs today. This is the place where I've been familiar to since I was little, and a really comfortable and tranquil place to stay, has lots of native bush all around and we can enjoy really beautiful scenery like Monet-painting, everywhere.

As strolling around the park, I felt the smell of fall-leaf burning somewhere and that made me realize the year cycle has brought me this point of the year again. I really like this time of year. It somehow reminds me of quite pleasant, happy, worriless time of childhood, all the more I was walking around those memorable places. Well, I'm enjoying seeing autumnal colors of the leaves everywhere, smelling the cool clear autumn, and thinking of preparing for coming winter, nowadays.

Wednesday, 13 October, 2004
Got a blinding pain on my back just after my bday....ooooouchhhhh, what's going on with my spine? I was just in the middle of holding my Momo (my pet) and dancing in a good frame of mind then, and suddenly, I felt a kind of discomfort somewhere around my spinal! Apparently, I got a backache at a time like this! Oh, no! Sounds ominous doesn't it? Aaaah, no way! Soon I visited orthopedics in my neighbour, but it didn't seem that serious anyway, sigh.

What an accident! What is this pain I got just after my bday telling me? The importance of caring my dairy health? Surely I got a lesson that I should take care of my health more than before from this case. Or else, it might just be a natural part of aging which I yet don't want to admit myself to be? Oh, no, stop it! _(K_)(^K)^

Sunday, October 10, 2004
October 10th...It sounds pleasant isn't it? 10 10! It has something special to me since I was little, not just because it used to be a public holiday as "Sport's Day" which now shifted onto the second Monday in October, in Japan. It is my birthday today! I personally had a happy and delightful day today. It's getting less special to me year by year, for the reason I have a lot of business apart from just thinking of fun as I used to. Though, its speciality is unchangeable to me anyway. I'm cordially thankful to those who gave me your love and friendship which I hope and believe will last forever! You always give me strength and passion to strive my life without fear. Love you all who visit this website, and great appreciation for your kindness, guide, advise and love! THANK YOU!!! XXX

Thursday, October 07, 2004
It was a rare, breezy, summer-like day in Sapporo. It made me pleasant and happy while walking outside as enjoying comfortable winds. Did you know that you can check Sapporo's real-time weather information on WeatherPixie at Chicci & Momo's page? It would be a fun to check other cities' weather conditions on it.

Apparently, I'm having a bit busy and hectic life since I returned from my holiday in Thailand, last week. I just couldn't really shift my mind into real life here from complete holiday state as for pretty enticing tropical climate and beautifully spicy Thai foods I had there and enjoyed them so much then! Rather because it's been getting cooler and chilly these days here, I miss those refreshing and happy days. Anyway, it's no use complaining like this.

In these lengthening nights of autumn, I ordered some CDs, books and DVDs online to enjoy my relaxing time. One is Yundi Li's "CHOPIN: Sherzi / Impromptus". It's a selections of his masterpieces of Chopin. He's one of my favorite pianist, who won the first prize at Chopin concour in 2000. It's worth buying to me and I'm intoxicated with his genius art of playing. I've been to his concert once before, which was really impressive and ecstatic moment to me. As I'd been learning the piano in my childhood, I really like listening to someone's plays now though not playing it these days. Also, I ordered a book about fortune-telling of 2005. Haha, sorry, it's completely my interest, and I know some would not understand that I dared to buy it.

Well, the DVD I bought this time was "INFERNAL AFFAIRS" I'd been interested in it since I happened to see its trailer on TV at home. The prequel story is now on the show in Japan and you can check it on the website, and you'll find something what I want to say on it though it's written in Japanese. I can't wait until watching it at the theater! Eek! I love this kinds of story at times! Looks so thrilling and exciting, doesn't it?

Monday, September 27, 2004
It's getting cooler these days and makes me realize that it's already been mid- autumn here in Sapporo. Though, I could turn back to muggy summer climate by flying to Thailand last week as against Sapporo's chilly weathers!

This time I traveled to Thailand because I could fortunately take day- off on consecutive holidays. I had been a bit worried before we leave cuz it'd been a rainy season in Thailand, but as a matter of fact it was totally a needless fear that we could go through all under blazing sunny days. I had found a lot of refreshing and intriguing things, people, places etc while I was traveling there. Interestingly, I was mistaken as Thai so often even by local Thai people, which made me feel deep familiarity to Thai people more than ever. Undoubtedly, no one would surprise to hear that as I was always said that I don't look like Japanese but Thai or Malaysian and whatnot.

Hm, what the reason of this? Coincidentally, I'm awfully fond of Thai foods, and also deeply impressed by Thai traditional designs, as much as their cultures. Even more I feel some kinds of origin of myself in their cultures...Maybe I should ask my distant ancestry to discover the answer. Anyway, I really enjoyed traveling there, and could make so much unforgettable memories there. I'm gonna organize my pictures and will upload them on Gallery pages. I totally recommend you to visit there for relaxing, refreshing, healing, excitement, and immersing yourself in the holly devotions of Thai Buddhism cultures.

Sunday, September 19, 2004
It was splendid autumn weather today. Had no excuse for not outing such a beautiful day, so I went out accompanying my dogs! As we are having consecutive holidays this week and will have a public holiday tomorrow in Japan, I could truly relax and enjoy myself this day.

I went to a dog-cafe, which lets the dogs in inside cafe, and met a lots of people with their dogs. Actually, I couldn't really enjoy having a cup of coffee there, that I had to keep an eye on my dogs all the time, and that felt me not really comfortable place as a cafe in a sense...haha!. But my dogs seemed enjoying greeting many other peers there!

Well, I met Chicci's cutiest friend this weekend! He is my former senior's dog and was really cute with black smooth coat! What a lovable French bulldog!! His sweet cuddly face completely fetched my heart!!! So lovely, isn't he? You know, I'm junky for this type of innocent and smug face of doggy. Anyways, my dog and he seemed enjoying meeting each other in a cozy mood then.

It's kind of pleasure to meet others through my dogs, we somehow greet friendly each other and have a small conversation relating to our dogs. It might sound strange and I'm not sure whether it's normal situation in your place, though, I like and enjoy this kind of communications!

Thursday, September 16, 2004
It is already in the middle of September. How have you been these days? It's getting pleasantly cooler here in Sapporo. Yet we are having really changeable weather these days, some days turn so cold exactly like mid-autumn, other days suddenly get comparatively warm, just like today, which was like a beautiful late-summer day. How about your places recently?

Meanwhile, I attended cooking lesson today after my work. I cooked Chinese steam bun with meat filling and bean jam filling, and a vege soup, and a mango pudding! Those dishes were Cantonese Yum Cha style, as you see on the pic! It really reminded me of the time I had them in Hong Kong, and also Chinatown in Sydney. Undoubtedly, my cooking never matched to those dishes I had in such places. Chinese food in Japan are mostly arranged in order to suit to Japanese's tastes anyway. I was quite impressed when I tried real Chinese foods, yet there are various kinds upon different regions, they had so many kinds of ingredients, seasonings, or whatever in heaps of menu! I miss those real ones lately lar! Well, let's just say that my cooking for today was yum-yum!.

Sunday, September, 12, 2004
How ya doin'? It's been quite a week! Firstly, I was so much frightened by the strong typhoon hit in Sapporo, which still leaves serious scars all around the city. It really brings me home how the damage of this typhoon was gosh-awful! Now it has been mild and tranquil days here, which feels me such nightmare was something unrealistic....sigh. Mmm, enough about that...

And, I attended a cooking lesson this week! It's just a lesson I'm taking for an avocation since this April. You know the reason I started attending it? It's just simple. I happened to be advised to learn it by a fortune-teller! I know you might think I'm too naive to believe that, but it was quite trustworthy for me to take it, somehow. Obviously, though, it turned out to be an enrichment for me so far, and I'm really enjoying it! Have a look at a small picture at DIARY page, I cooked tempura, sea weed served with vinegar, rice, tempura sauce, and sweet jelly of beans and maroon! Do they look nice?

Then, I had TGIF drinking party on Friday! Cheers! Had much fun here, especially for karaoke, it'd been a while! Anyways, I had had a real fun and was distressed also. But....a painful hang over came afterwards the next day, geeeee. What a day! Mmm, it was a day after a fair.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
So scary, oh, god! The strong and devastating typhoon was moving to northeast of Japan, and reached in Hokkaido at a speed of 40kph, which went across Sapporo this morning. It was quite unusual in Sapporo to be hit by such a powerful typhoon these days. There were toppled trees smashed onto running cars and I saw wind ripped off roofs of many houses while I was driving! I felt like I was in a scene of some kinds of Hollywood movies or whatever!

Unbelievable! I was just scary to see what had happened around myself, and all I could do was only to pray for all people's safe at that moment. Definitely, it is the natural threats, which I rarely be conscious of. Human being is never equal to natural disasters. I realized that what I used to consider to be other's matter could then suddenly be a possible matter to myself. I was made to think about a lot of extreme things that could happen whenever I least expect them. Fortunately, this scary typhoon moved through Sapporo at midmorning, so the damage by this was not that serious as other suffered regions in Japan, though, still much serious damages are left.

Well, could it be explained by the global warming or globally abnormal climate? I've heard that Sydney had much hail a few days ago, and I read an article about El Nino - associated phenomenon, which has occurring along the equator area recently. What is going on in whole world conditions? Forewarned is forearmed. This is what I can say after experiencing the natural disaster!

Monday, September 06, 2004
Somehow, I'm always gloomy and drowsy on Mondays. Hmm, maybe because this time I had a grand day the day before.

Sunday was a delightful day to me. I went to Odori park to see the festival with a pal, and really enjoyed walking around there again. We had some fresh sea foods BBQ and vanilla ice cream, which were really yummy and juicy! Sitting on grass at leisure, chatting and eating there was also precious relaxing. What a nice place to stay at home! Filled with so peaceful and pleasant air in the park. I got rid of every bad news and discomfort of the routines while I stayed there.

Afterwards, we headed to shopping complex in Sapporo station to watch "LOVERS" at a theater there. I had looked forward to watch this film for long, and actually, it was really fascinating! As I've been interested in Chinese cultures similarly to other Asian countries, it was quite an amusing and interesting with much excitement, and I was positively speechless all the! I'm not sure this film comes out in your place at this time, I really recommend this one to watch in the theater, after all.

Saturday, September 04, 2004
It was a crisp and breezy day today in Sapporo. Isn't it a nice season to go out to disport ourselves?

Today I visited Odori park, which is located in the central avenue of Sapporo, to look around the annual event of "linkage up festival". This is a festival of gathering markets of special products from towns or cities of Hokkaido. This was one of unfamiliar event of Sapporo to me until I attended it as Miss Sapporo last year, though, it was actually worth walking and looking around. I realized there are so many natural fresh foods or products which were produced in each local towns and cities. Many people looked really enjoying seeing around, and relaxing to stay in such congenial atmosphere of Odori park. I also enjoyed walking there with my dogs, and had some foods while walking around, and greeted and talked to other people with their dogs, a real fun! I planned to go there tomorrow as well to find something rare and good buy . . . mmmm, it's kinda holiday pleasure!
Hoping you all are having good weekends!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004
It's already September today! Time flies...gee. Certainly, clear and cool Autumn has come here in Sapporo. I'm wondering how you all spending this time of year in different places. Some might still be enjoying their summer, yet others might be bearing the coldness in winter. Wherever you are, I hope you all are doing well and enjoying vigorous health there!

For me, I'm doing well as ever and being pushed by my daily pursuits. Even though, I'm trying to find myself happy by listening to my favorite artist's songs ( my recent favourites are Beyonce and Jessica Simpson! ), and walking my dogs as breathing a beautiful fresh air of this autumn! Then I can forget every stressful thingy in the meantime!

Now this, watching DVD and weeping a lot is one of my distraction! Surprising? It feels me good somehow. Try this next time and you'll find yourself stress free after weeping heaps! Let me point out it's important to do it without reserving your feeling. At the moment, my recommend for this is watching Korean movies and TV dramas! I'm done by them so many times, honestly.

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